Late 2017, I had to cease operating commercially (taking bookings), due to a matter that to this day, has not been addressed in court.

I was threatened with murder. Charges for this offence have yet to be laid, although the police were given the recording of these threats which can only be described as extremely violent. I am currently trying my best to ‘force the hand’ of the Government to commence with this charge of ‘Threat to Kill’.

OK, what does this have to do with

Imagine being called out to a job, only to discover it’s a set-up, and I am murdered? My family, and me, obviously are concerned for my safety, so I have had to turn down job, after job. Since this event, I’ve had to say ‘no’ to more than 140 jobs, (SO FAR) costing me approximately $37,000 in lost gross income – giving the work to other operators, as a consequence.

I am keeping the website live, because the more bookings I get, and cannot fulfill, will result in legal action to recover this lost income.

I very much doubt that I will be operating commercially, so until further notice….


Robert Crain