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01 Jul 2017
Old Prices

Price Increase

Taken By Drone has increased the prices charged for its’ aerial drone services. Old Prices are listed above. The new prices can be found on our About Us page. Although nobody likes price increases, we’ve had to do it for a number of reasons. Althought this is not a full-time ‘job’ – and it’s more of a ‘side thing’, our time, just like yours, is not worth just a few dollars an hour. The cost to purchase and maintain drones, […]

25 Feb 2017

Photos Without Frames Available

Approximately one third of the people contacting us about getting a Framed Aerial Photograph of their home, have asked if they can just have the photos, without a frame. Our anser is simple. Absolutely. Most people love using aerial photos as (computer) desktop wallpaper, for their phones, tablets etc. It makes sense to us to accept an offer to provide just the photos, as it saves us time, and also, you will get the photos much quicker – and you’ll save […]

10 Jan 2017

To Be, or Not To Be……

Had a rather challenging exchange on Youtube with a bloke that operates a drone business in Perth. I won’t name him, but he insists that ANYONE operating a drone without a licence, is doing so illegally. This is not only false, but what he’s actually doing (if people believe him), is committing fraud. Imagine this. You are doing some research into the cost of getting some aerial photos taken of your house, be it for marketing, or just for some framed […]

18 Nov 2016

Welcome to TakenByDrone.com.au

Please stay tuned! We’re currently busy, but we’ll add more to this website shortly. We can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Need to contact us? We’d love to hear from you. Please Note: We do not publish any work we do for you, on our social pages or website, without your express, written permission.