Billed by Agent and paid to ‘Taken By Drone’?

Since I updated this website, and provided the pricing for my Drone work, I’ve been contacted two times by different people, asking why I advertise my rates here, but provide Agents with different rates, roughly 3 times what I advertise here.

If you are a seller, and your agent has billed / billing you, AND told you that Taken By Drone is doing / has done the work, may I suggest you call me to confirm I am in fact doing / have done the work, and if it’s not me, you may need to either speak to the Police, or Fair Trading.

The photo on this page is me, Robert Crain. I am the ONLY authorised Drone Pilot, registered with CASA, to conduct Aerial Photography for Taken By Drone.

I’ve got no intention on naming names on this website. If you are an agent, or agents’ representative, telling clients that you are contracting your Aerial Photography work to Taken By Drone, but in fact are not, please be advised that I will, after today (19th May, 2022), be contacting as many people as I can to expose you.

Sellers Take Note; Agents may very well be using their own drones to take the photos themselves, or they may be getting their children to do it, I don’t know. But, unless you see the person that’s shown in the photo on this page, taking your Aerial Photos, be assured that Taken By Drone has not taken your photos, and IS NOT being paid by your Agent.

If you are selling your home and are told by somebody that they have contracted Taken By Drone to conduct your Aerial Photography, please call me on 0491 627 800 immediately.

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